Blescohouse Schools

Welcome to our page. We encourage you to visit our schools and interact with us. We have experience in running schools and shaping the lifes of our children. We are known for giving confidence to the learners and managing their talents. We run a group of schools in Nakuru, Gilgil and Bahati comprising of:

Blescohouse Boys

A boys boarding secondary school located at Mbaruk centre , Gilgil subcounty.

Blescohouse Girls

A girls boarding secondary school located at maili saba center, Nakuru north subcounty.

Blescohouse Primary

A mixed Day& Boarding  primary school located at maili saba center, Nakuru north subcounty.

Blescohouse Elite section 58

A day primary school located at section 58 , Nakuru East sub county.

Blescohouse Premier Academy

A Day primary school located at Mbaruk centre , Gilgil sub county. 

About Blescohouse Schools

Blescohouse is a household name . Our schools are strongly founded in christianity . We are guided by the teachings and docrtrines found in the Bible. We believe in the inculcation of the solid values and attitudes that are geared towards the developmentof positive character in our learners. The type of character whose standard is well acceptable in the society .

Why Blescohouse

Learners at Blescohouse Schools are well nurtured in all aspects . W e believe in the provision of a conducive environment that calls forth the seeds of greatness inside every child. We have programmes that mould learners in the following areas:

Academic performance

In Blescohouse schools academic excellence is greatly encouraged. As our motto- unleash your potential- dictates, every learner is encouraged to bring out the ability in them. Our primary school children have been performing very well and have been joining prominent secondary schools in the country. Our high school students have also done very well and join various tertially level institutions.

Spiritual naturing

On matters of faith,our learners are guided through well planned programmes where they are taught the word of God and given opportunities to practise it. We have faith based groups such as the christian union (CU),the young christian society(YCS),the SDA fellowship etc through which the students practice their faith.

Emotional fulfilment

We have created and managed very positive relations between the learners and the teachers. Through these engagements the children have been able to share experiences both positive and negative. We allow our learners to discuss boldly what is in their minds without being intimidated. We listen. All of us are mothers irrespective of the gender. Through this gesture we have been able to remedy some emotional damages and change lives for the better.

Provision of Balanced diet

Blescohouse offers food of high nutritive value. We are very concerned about the health of the children thus we ensure they get enough food to their fill. Our diet comprises of rice,ugali,githeri , chapati accompanied with greens,beans,green grams,meat ,eggs and fruits. The food is well done . We are a home away from home.

Extra Curricular Activites

We embrase and promote talent development through engaging students in the co-curricular and the extra curricular activities. Every learner is important to us.We appreciate the greatness in every individual by recognizing excellence in not only the academic performance but also in every other category. In our calender of events we have set apart a special day we call- THE TALENT DAY- when our learners do show case the various talents they are gifted with. Its one of the best days at Blescohouse.

From Directors Desk

Our dear parent, your child will be safe at WITH US. Give us a girl in form one, we give you back a responsible lady after four years. Give us a boy in form one, we give you back a gentleman in four years.

We look forward to joining hands with you and bring up the children in the ways of God. Proverbs 4:1-13. Welcome to the Blescohouse Fraternity.