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Welcome to Blesco House Schools

Unleash your potential

Blesco House is an household name. It means house of blessings where every stake holder feels at home. Blesco House Schools are founded on Christian foundation where we inculcate Christian values such as honest, integrity, respect and the fear of God. At Blesco house, we put God first in Everything we do. 

Some of our strengths as an institution are such as good location, qualified and dedicated teachers, committed directors, enough land for expansion, cultural diversity, serene learning environment and state of the art modern facilities


Our Mission

To exploit and cultivate individual student’s academics ability and the inherent talent that are God given, among other mission statements.

Our Vision

To be an extremely effective school with a national outlook producing major gains in student achievments and positively transforming lives at a critical stage.

Our Co values

The Fear of God, Honesty, respect for Humanity and Hardwork